Note to Self

A year ago I drafted a mail for myself and sent it via I already forgot what I wrote until today I received my own mail from the past. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. at some point yes, I have fulfilled what I wanted to happen last year, but there are also things that I was not able to accomplish (might not be in sync with God’s plan). I hope I didn’t disappoint my old self that much. LOL

Below is the screen grab of what I have in store for myself a year ago.

noto1 noto2 noto3


About kitine19

im a kid trapped in a woman's body... im a cub and this is the jungle where i play... Jesus is my Lord, His Father is my God... im His disciple and He is my Savior... i write... i dance... i paint... i capture photos... i worship... i pray... i work....
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