Wala na akong ibang hihilingin
Salamat sa Diyos kayo ay kapiling
Puno ng saya ang gabi ngayon
Ang lahat ng ito’y pangarap ko
Na paulit-ulit na dinadalangin ko
Sumabay kayo sa mga awit ko
Tungkol sa gabay at panaginip mo
Dahil sa inyo tuloy ang ikot ng mundo
– Pasasalamat by Callalily

I’ve been through a lot this past few months, been thinking a lot of things and doing a lot of stuffs.  I keep on asking God for guidance and strength, distractions from stress and even wisdom to make things happen. Been distracted with “what has been” and “what could have been” without realizing this is “what should it be”.

I never thought that this could be the way it should be, been asking God “why” but was never really accepting His response.  I know He’s telling me something but I can’t figure it out what it is.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

Then just weekend while talking to my coach, she asked me a couple of questions which I answered without thinking. I just realized I knew it all along; I just don’t want to accept it.

But then again, I’m thankful and grateful though the root cause of all of this mischief in my life lately is because I kinda lost one person in my life, but God replaced it and blessed me with a bunch of weirdos.hahaha I already volunteered, or hang out with them, but somehow didn’t connect with them because I don’t want to venture out of my comfort zone, but God moved in my behalf. 🙂

my best and worst friend to date!lol

my best and worst friends to date!lol

I asked God for a playmate and a best friend, He gave me Shyrmay
I asked God for a victory group member, He gave me Icar
I asked God for a sister, He gave me Jam
I asked God for a volunteer photographer, He gave me Paul
I asked God for sense of humor, He gave me Herb
I asked God for comforter, He gave me Karlo
I asked God for a baby brother, He gave me Ronnel

Now I’m really doubting.. is this really from God??hahaha

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. – Proverbs 17:17

None the less, thank you cause I don’t know if I were able to make it without all of you.. 🙂

Sa mga nagdaan sa buhay ko
May lungkot at saya ang dinanas niyo
Ngayon alam ko na ang nasa puso ko
Sa gitna ng lahat ng pagsubok
Naniwala kayo na kaya ko
At ngayon iingatan ko na ang nasa palad ko
Wala na akong ibang hihilingin
Salamat sa Diyos kayo ay kapiling
Narito na ang bukas… ang saya ng bukas


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im a kid trapped in a woman's body... im a cub and this is the jungle where i play... Jesus is my Lord, His Father is my God... im His disciple and He is my Savior... i write... i dance... i paint... i capture photos... i worship... i pray... i work....
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